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Get ready for an electrifying thrill like never before! Brace yourselves, folks, because in its illustrious 109-year history, EICMA is about to take a revolutionary leap into the future with the introduction of DIGITAL MOTORCYCLES and DIGITAL RACING! Can you believe it? It's a game-changer! 🏍️💥

Hold onto your helmets because this groundbreaking event will feature FOUR heart-pounding online qualifying races on FOUR legendary Italian race tracks. 🏁 From the adrenaline-pumping Hills of Maggiora to the breathtaking Mountains of Arco, and from the pulse-pounding sandy circuits of Mantova to the challenging curves of Riola, players from every corner of the globe will compete for a coveted spot in the top 10 of the championship standings. 🌍🏆

But that's not all, folks! The ten most elite gamers will receive golden tickets, all expenses paid,  to EICMA for the IRL (In Real Life) finale! 🎮✨ Imagine the sheer excitement as they go head-to-head in live-action, right before a roaring audience. And guess what? You won't have to miss a second of the action because the entire race will be streamed LIVE on Twitch, come November 11th! 📺🤩

But wait, there's even more adrenaline to be had! The podium finishers will continue their epic journey by competing in the EICMA Esports VIP race, alongside legends like Antonio Cairoli and Dani Pedrosa, among others, in an exhilarating sim racing event featuring one-of-a-kind digital cars! 🚗💨

Don't miss out on this historic moment! Register now to be a part of history in the making! Get your game face on, because EICMA is about to redefine what it means to be a motorcycle enthusiast, and you're invited to ride the digital wave of excitement! 🎮🏍️✨


OCT 2 - NOV 11, 2023

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