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Please read through all rules and regulations for participating in the 2023 EICMA Esports MX Championship. If, after verification, you still have questions, feel free to connect with us on Discord

1. The 2023 EICMA Esports MX Championship is open to all participants who are minimum 18 years old.

2. To participate you have to register using the exact same email address you are registered with on To check your current email address, please visit this link. If you don’t have an account on please create one here and then return to this page to complete the verification.

3. No multiple account is allowed. If you can’t remember your credentials, reach out to the support to recover them.

4. To participate you will need to respond to the declarations below by checking each box to proceed to the full registration on the next page. Then you will create an Init/Gamer Safer account which will take just a few minutes, and you will only need to do this once. The instructions will be available on the registration page, and you can always reach out to us on Discord with any questions. The registration process will verify you and your identity, which is critical for keeping this tournament safe and fair. You only MUST do this once. If you already have the Init/Gamer Safer account, validate the account at the registration prompt. DO NOT CREATE A SECOND INT/GS ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY CREATED ONE IN THE PAST, that will create a problem and you may not get scored properly.

5. To race in the 2023 EICMA Esports MX Championship, you must have a gaming PC with MX Bikes. We are not responsible for any performance issues you could face during the competition. Make sure to lower your graphics and clean your mods folder if you are not confident with your computer performance. You can find the minimum PC requirements here:

If you don't have MXBIKES you will receive a free copy of the game via email after registration is completed. 

6. To participate in the event, you explicitly agree to the event Rulebook (available in the dedicated discord server). 

7.  Each top 40 of each one of the 4 races will receive a complimentary one-of-a-kind EICMA Collectible NFT.

In total, there will be: 
- Four Master NFTs, one for each elimination round. 
- Forty Round Variations, reflecting your progression through the rounds. 
- Three Podium NFTs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) for the top three winners. 
Claiming Your EICMA NFTs: 
After emerging victorious in your respective tournament categories, you can claim your EICMA NFTs on NFT.EICMA.IT. 
Each winner will receive instructions via email for claiming their NFTs. Follow the provided guidelines to add these prestigious tokens to your collection. 

8. At the end of the 4-race online tournament, the top 10 racers in the championship classification will be invited to the live event. Any participant unable to attend the live event in Milan, Italy, will have to give up his or her place to the next participant. Check the Rulebook for more information.

9. The top 10 racers in the championship classification will receive an official invite. The IRL event will be held at EICMA live on Nov 11, 2023. Flight will be booked directly by the EICMA with a spend up to US$750 (US residents) and $350 (EU residents). We will also book a hotel room for you for Friday, Nov 10 and Saturday, Nov 11. If you’ll finish in the top 3 in the IRL event you will be invited to race in the VIP race on Sunday, Nov 12. The VIP race will be a car sim racing event. 

10. Make sure to check the schedule on on and on for the 2023 EICMA Esports MX Championship. The races will be streamed on Init Esports and the EICMA Twitch page.

11. Don't miss any updates; follow us on Instagram, Twitter (X), Twitch,  and YouTube. If you have any questions, chat with us on Discord.

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Good luck and have fun!

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