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Screen to Speed Dream Team has arrived

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Empowering Diversity in Virtual Motorsports

Introducing the Screen to Speed Dream Team accelerated by MAHLE: Pioneering Female Representation in Sim Racing

In a monumental stride for diversity and inclusion in virtual motorsport, Screen to Speed proudly unveils the inception of the Screen to Speed Dream Team. This team, comprised of the most skilled female sim racing drivers from our esteemed program, marks a historic moment in our commitment to fostering inclusivity in the esports and motorsport spheres.

For the very first time, Screen to Speed has handpicked top-tier female sim racing drivers to represent our movement, forming an all-women team set to compete in renowned mixed-gender sim racing events. The debut of the Dream Team will not only showcase the exceptional talent of female racers but also emphasize their significant presence in the virtual racing domain.

The drivers selected for the Screen to Speed Dream Team Accelerated by MAHLE will make their debut at the prestigious 24-hour VCO INFINITY race on April 20th-21st. Among the standout racers are Victoria Mello, Nina Hahn, Sara Dove, and Yvonne Houffellaar. Each member brings a distinct skill set and background to the team, promising fierce competition on the virtual track.

Notably, Nina Hahn, a two-time champion, boasts unmatched expertise and a proven track record of success. Sara Dove, another Screen to Speed champion, brings her tenacity and competitive spirit to the forefront. Yvonne Houffellaar, brings invaluable experience and leadership not only as the Init Esports Community Manager but this time also as a seasoned sim racer and real-life racer. Lastly, Victoria Mello, a graduate of the Sim 4 STEM program, showcases rapid skill progression and undeniable potential, securing her spot among the elite.

"We are thrilled to unveil the Screen to Speed Dream Team, celebrating the exceptional talent and dedication of female sim racing drivers," remarked Stefy Bau, CEO of Init Esports. "These remarkable women will not only compete at the highest level but also inspire countless others to pursue their passion for motorsport, regardless of gender. The Dream Team serves as a beacon of talent and an opportunity to spotlight these extraordinary athletes, potentially propelling them to join the ranks of the world's top sim racing teams. We extend our gratitude to MAHLE for their invaluable support in championing women in sim racing!"

The Screen to Speed Dream Team accelerated by MAHLE epitomizes our steadfast commitment to nurturing inclusivity and representation within esports and motorsports. We urge our community to rally behind these exceptional athletes as they embark on this historic journey, showcasing the boundless potential of women in sim racing.

Stay tuned to witness our Sheroes claim their rightful place among the sim racing gods by tuning in to the live broadcast on Twitch or catching the VOD on YouTube.

In the meantime, acquaint yourself with our four exceptional drivers during the "Screen to Speed Dream Team - Get to Know" episodes, airing live on Twitch (with VODs on YouTube) as per the schedule below:

Meet Yvonne: March 28th - 9:00pm CET, 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST (Watch it here)

Meet Victoria:  April 4th - 9:00pm CET, 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST

Meet Nina: April 11th - 9:00pm CET, 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST

Meet Sara: April 18th - 9:00pm CET, 4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST

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