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Introducing an official Ford Licensed product, the Next Level Racing GTElite Ford GT Edition Cockpit. The GTElite Ford GT Edition cockpit’s patent-pending design brings rigidity and stability to a new price point making it the best mid-range aluminum profile cockpit on the market. Premium blue anodization finish, laser etched Ford oval logo, Ford GT Logo, and the laser etched iconic Ford GT stripes, the GTElite Ford GT Cockpit completes the Ford brand experience for the user. With attention to detail and engineering as seen on our Elite series, the GTElite Ford Edition compared to mid-range cockpits in its class is more rigid, easier to assemble, provides more inclusions, while providing a higher quality finish. While constructed to suit the mid-range category with a “4080” profile, through cutting edge engineering and manufacturing, combined with unique components, fixtures, and reinforcements, the GTElite Ford Edition is the most rigid mid-range cockpit. Through this innovative process, the GTElite Ford GT Edition in some cases is stronger than conventional “16040” cockpits seen on the market. With an extensive ecosystem in mind, the GTElite is upgradable to be compatible with Next Level Racing® Motion Products and can be transformed into a multi-position cockpit solution with the ready set kits.

Next Level Racing GTElite Ford GT Edition Cockpit (Ford Official Licensed Produc

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